Monday, 21 May 2012

Hello Everybody!

Hope your week is going as you imagined! I have been such a lazy slob at work lately and I feel especially guilty because I am really trying to be a better person generally. I think it is because I have been stuck in the office with very few photo shoots so I had to actually do office work and my concentration span is not that great!

Any way, things are starting to look up and I have some exciting shoots ahead. I attended my first motor rally a few weeks ago and it was so much fun! I did not expect to enjoy it as I am not really a car girl but it was so exciting to see the cars speeding by, even though they left us in a cloud of dust! I got some pretty cool shots and thought you would like to see them.

Excuse my hair, it was such a mess that I had to wear a beanie all the time! lol. All those who are guilty of hiding unpleasant hair under a beanie raise your hands? I thought so! But not to worry, I got it sorted and I am now rocking a pretty fringe! I wanted it shorter, a sort of bob look but I could not bring myself to cut out so much of the weave. Weaves ain't cheap you know! lol. Hope you like the pictures!

We went out to support our client Nando's who hd sponsered the Poncho Racing team, they came out in the fith position but they were such good sportsmen!

Me with Dani and Adrian from the Poncho racing team

Dani and Adrian getting ready to drive off! Cheers guys:)

 Poncho racing vavavoom!!

 There was a lot of dust but it was still pretty cool

How cute is this car? Wonder what position they got

I have a HUGE weakness for a guy on a motor bike! How cool do they look?!!!

Here is a seak preview of my new hair! 

Thank you for reading!xxx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pretty In Pink

Hello everyone!

Holding my head down in shame because I have not blogged for a few weeks now. Nevertheless, I am here to redeem myself!

I thought I should catch up by posting some of the pictures I took a while back which I really liked. It is starting to get pretty cold here so I am trying to stock up on blazers, jerseys and hopefully a coat or two for the cold weather.

I am wearing my H&M blazer which I am really obsessed with to be honest. It goes on anything and is supper comfy. It was a gift from one of my best friends in Germany and I love it. The pink top was a thrift find and is so soft and pretty. I hope you like this look and I hope to be better at blogging in the weeks to come!




Thank you to all my lovely new followers, I was pleasantly suprised to see that I had a couple more people following the blog. Can't wait to visit your blogs!