Friday, 18 July 2014

The Fashion Edit ~ Shala Monroque

There is nothing more refreshing than a woman revels in her natural beauty and is unapologetically herself. Shala Monroque is both these things, and more. What caught my eye about this gorgeous woman was how simple her style really was, and how she almost used  her body as a plain canvas to interesting pieces of clothing. Though always properly primed, Shala rarely does much to her hair and often keeps it short. The focus is often on her quirky pieces of clothing, most of her clothes are simple to the point of seeming thrifted but don't be fooled, Shala is a close friend of Miuccia Prada and serves as a fashion consultant for the brand.

Who better to share on my Fashion edit series? Here are some of my favourite Shala Monroooque fashion moments.

A former art consultant and editor of Pop Magazine, Shala is currently the creative director at Garage, an independent fashion publication founded by Dasha Zhukova. Shala is also a freelance art consultant and writer and contributed to publications such as American Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She runs her own blog ‘Shala’s Rabbit Hole’.

Thank you for reading!


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Fashion Edit ~ Miroslava Duma

I've always found it ironic that most people behind the fashion scene are usually not that fashionable themselves. Think about it for a second, don't you know some amazing designer or stylist that is always in a pair of faded jeans and a sweat half the time?

Lately I've found myself drawn to fashion magazine editors. Although these fashion influences are usually behind the scenes and we normally don't know who they really are, there's been a tremendous shift in how we view fashion editors (or maybe it's just me, always late to the party)

Fashion editors around the world are slowly emerging as fashionistas in their own right and they are definitely putting their most fashionable feet forward.

For the month of July I will be sharing some of my favourite fashion looks from magazine editors across the world who I love to watch. The series will be called Fashion Edit and will also be part of my July challenge for #IamAzedBlogger. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Letting Go #IamAzedBlogger

My blogging skills have been next to non existent lately but thought I'd get back into the game by taking part in this month's #IamAzedBlogger challenge. We were asked to share something about letting go which is ironic as this is a lesson I have been learning since last year.

I am a hoarder, anything that gets close to me I never want to let go of. I am the kind who believes in forever, whether friendship or romance or even when it comes to my closet lol. I have a really hard time letting go!

But over the last year and this year I have begun to learn the lesson that sometimes you have no choice but to let go. Because sometimes holding on only hurts you more. Some things and some people are only in our lives for a season. I know this sounds very cliche but it is true. Once their part is done we have to walk away. If we hold on to what shouldn't be in our lives, we only take up the space for what should be in our lives. We keep out the new because we can't let go of the old.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Surrounded by Love: Happy Birthday to Me!

February is my favourite month in the calendar not only because it's the month of “love” but because it's my birthday month!

I am so BIG on birthdays, growing up I never got a party for my birthday as my older sister was asthmatic and usually ill around that time or something terrible would usually happen just before my birthday. For a long time I always thought my birthday was jinxed and I never enjoyed it. I've not really celebrated it for the last two years as my best friend lost her dad just before my birthday and the next year we his memorial service.

Because of all this I've ALWAYS wanted to have a huge birthday party. I've been obsessed with it for years, but this year I didn't feel that way. I actually just wanted a quiet birthday with a few of my very close friends over a meal and some drinks. I wish I could say it's growing up (hahaha) but fat chance, I still intend to have a big birthday party when I finally hit the big 30 (geez)
So my birthday was on Sunday 2nd February, after church my best friend and I went to meet up with two other friends at a quiet, laid back restaurant. We had cocktails and a meal and we shared stories and laughed so hard. I really didn't want to leave, I felt so surrounded with love.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

My First: Embracing My Natural Hair

Promised to be a better blogger this year and what better way than to kick it off  with a blogger challenge I received as part of the #IamAZedBlogger challenge.

We were asked to talk about our first, and of course a lot of firsts came in mind, not really sure I'd share any of those hahaha, kidding. I'm going to talk about the first time I went to work with my own hair and what it made me realise about embracing your own hair.

If you know me personally you will testify to the fact that my hair is always either weaved or braided. I change my hair often and as soon as one weave comes out braids replace it or something, anything but my own hair. For a long time it was simply because I don't have time to stress over my hair, I just wanna wake up (flawless) and worry about my outfit, not my hair. That was my excuse until my own hair grew decent enough to be brushed and tied back and I still hid it behind something. I realized I didn't really like how I looked with my own hair (sigh, natural hair people step off  lol)

Don't get me wrong, I've rocked natural hair till I was 18, my parents wouldn't even let me relax it and by then the natural hair movement was not in "fashion" so with a head full of stubborn, dry, dull hair it gave me pain. I couldn't wait to relax it and braid it and weave it and all that and that's exactly what I've done since I left high school.  So I guess my perception of my own hair was really poor because once I started laying it down, I looked great and didn't want to rock the struggle look anymore lol.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Fahsionably Late: 2013 Zambia Fashion Week Review

Been a terrible, inconsistent blogger this year but worry not! It's on my list of resolutions (yes, I'm making a list this time!) to bring you more blogs much more consistently!

2013 has been a year full of fashion events for me. I enjoyed getting to see all the great talent we have in Zambia and meeting other people who are interested in fashion. There is still a lot of growing to be done in the Zambian fashion industry especially when it comes to fashion shows and I thought I'd end the year with some fashion reviews of shows I attended in the last half of this year:) Organizers please take notes!

 Zambia Fashion Week 2013
I was fortunate enough to attend the grand finale of this year's Zambia Fashion Week. This was my second time at this event; I attended last year's show as well which you can check out here.

Monday, 25 November 2013

That Girl's Got Afro Funk: Vonneta Simpamba

Happy new week!

Finally another worthy afro-funk fashionista! I recently stumbled upon this gorgeous girl on instagram and it was love at first click!

I was really glad when I came across Vonneta Simpamba. This girl is simply gorgeous. Her outfits are trendy and always on point, her shoes are to die for, she has an amazing bag collection but most of all her hair is always LAID!!!

As I only know her through Instagram I don't know much about her personally but I do know that apart from having great style she also does a bit of designing in her free time. I've seen some of her pieces and they are amazing! I hope she gets a blog soon but till then, follow her on Instagram (her profile is private but if you send her a request she will check you out and add you back if you're not too creepy lol)

 What do you guys think of her style?