Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Zambian Fashion Week ~ Part 1

Is it just me or has this year just woozed by in a flash?  The days just seem to be flying past at an incredible pace and it actually makes me a little uncomfortable because I don't want time to pass me by without having a chance to really enjoy it.

Two weeks ago I attended the Zambian Fashion Week and I promise I meant to share the pictures earlier than this but like I said time has not been waiting around for anybody lately, not even me! I took over 400 pictures and it was such a pain to try and decide what to show you because obviously I don't want to upload 400 pictures, so in the end I settled  for about 20 or 30 pictures which I will share in two parts.

There is some amazing talent in Zambia and some of the outfits literally made gasp out loud! I love how African fabric is being represented in a modern way, I'm proudly African but I always dreaded having to wear a chitenge outfit as I felt it was not flattering to me and made me feel so grown up but now the fabric is being played with and the results are incredible.

 Enough talking! Enjoy the pictures!

NOTE: Kindly credit all pictures to Joan Kats should you wish to use them.


Monday, 5 November 2012

MandaHill Night of Fashion

Is it too late to say happy November? I hope not!

I love new months as it is always a chance to start afresh and so far I can say November has been fabulous. This past weekend I was running from one fashion show to another as it was the Zambian Fashion Week and I must say I felt every bit the fashionista with all the glam around me..lol..

My first event was The Mandahill Night of Fashion on Friday. I happened to see it posted on facebook and they had only a few tickets to give out if you called, I took a chance and called and got a ticket and convinced most of my friends to call too. One of my bestfriend's Eta got a ticket too and I wouldn't have spent such a night with anyone better:)

We were given the top notch VIP treatment with free food and free wine and entertainment by one of the best violinists in the country, Caitlin. I've wanted to watch her shows for years so this was a real treat! She is so talented and such a lovely person!


 I wore a scarf print bodycon dress I got in a sale in Mr. Price, I love bodycon dresses as they give my body such a nice shape (apart from the tummy flab..lol..) and I am with the whole print revolution at the moment!

Unfortunately I left my cannon behind and had to use my iPhone so the pictures are not that great but hope you have fun flicking through:)

By the way I didn't get a chance to tell you but I went short with my hair and I absolutely love how bold and sexy it makes me feel. It's also perfect as it's summer here and super hot. What do you think?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Date Night

I had a day off yesterday as my feet have been in a bit of pain since I started jogging (Yes, shocking but true, I now jog!)

I stayed home and got some much needed rest. In the evening my housemate Carol and I decided to go see a movie. I thought it would be good to drag my best friend along as she has been a little down in the dumps this week and later on we invited one more friend who is really like my little brother and before we knew it we were having a date night!

We saw Taken 2. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I will only say that it did not disappoint. It’s not as good as the first one though (is any sequel ever better than 1?) but it still has that action to make you jump on your seat every few minutes. We goofed around a lot which made it a terrific night; I would recommend that you take your craziest friends along to the movies if you want guaranteed fun!

Also I finally got a pair of boyfriend jeans from Mr. Price! I have wanted to own a pair since forever so I was really excited to find these, plus, I got them in a SALE *winning* Paired them with a mint blouse and some wedges and was good to go! Enjoy the pics:-)


Thank you for reading, be sure to check out other posts:)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Amaka Arts Festival Fashion Show

 A week ago a new friend of mine, Mukuka of c1rca1964, told me about this amazing festival called "Amaka Arts Festival" that was taking place in Lusaka. The Amaka Arts Festival is the first Zambian international multidisciplinary arts festival and was created to add value to the Zambian arts market. The festival is a week long and showcases five main disciplines which include film, visual arts, dance, fashion and literary arts.

Needless to say, I was almost falling over myself when I heard about the fashion show and Mukuka helped me connect with the organisers of the festival and I managed to attend it. The fashion show was held on the rooftop of The Foxdale Court Shopping complex which was perfect because it's summer at the moment and super hot so the cool air and stunning night scenery added that extra pizzazz!

I wore a black lace dress that I got a few weeks ago. I am so in love with lace and sheers at the moment and I loved how simple and elegant it came out. I also wore a stunning new pair of heels I got in a sale at Foshini!

 I was so psyched to see one of the first Zambian bloggers I ever stumbled upon, Sekayi from the blog Mafashio, at the festival. She was one of the models and looked like a frigging supper model! I was grinning at her the whole time and most of my pictures were biased towards her really..lol. I had to leave early and didn't get to meet her but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

This collection was done by Angolan designer  Avelino Maximento


 Thank you for reading and remeber that if you are in Zambia at the moment, the Amaka Arts Festival is still on-going! Visit their twitter @AmakaArtsFest for more information! Follow me on twitter @ghetogal:)