Monday, 25 November 2013

That Girl's Got Afro Funk: Vonneta Simpamba

Happy new week!

Finally another worthy afro-funk fashionista! I recently stumbled upon this gorgeous girl on instagram and it was love at first click!

I was really glad when I came across Vonneta Simpamba. This girl is simply gorgeous. Her outfits are trendy and always on point, her shoes are to die for, she has an amazing bag collection but most of all her hair is always LAID!!!

As I only know her through Instagram I don't know much about her personally but I do know that apart from having great style she also does a bit of designing in her free time. I've seen some of her pieces and they are amazing! I hope she gets a blog soon but till then, follow her on Instagram (her profile is private but if you send her a request she will check you out and add you back if you're not too creepy lol)

 What do you guys think of her style?

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Show Must Go On

Hello lovelies,

First of all a huge HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY to my blog! Anniversary fell on the 15th of November but didn't have time to do a post. It's been two years of (erm, not so consistent) blogging but I've enjoyed it all.

This is just a quick post to thank everyone who liked my picture in the Pepsi Zambia Competition. I did not win the big trip to go to New York, not really sure why because I put in a lot of effort in my entry but I am super grateful to all the lovely people who took time to comment, like and share my picture! So many people came through for me and even if I did not win I am forever indebted for your kindness!

Anyway the show must go on! Thought I'd brighten up this post with some fashion news. I have been meaning to recreate this look that Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing while heading out to dinner in Santa Monica, California,  some time back earlier this year.

Image from

I love the simplicity of the whole outfit. I threw on some gorgeous pearls I got from Mr. Price to add some sparkle to the outfit and a pair of new courts with gold cap-toes. I also wore a black clutch as I did not have a white one.

 Outfit details: Over-sized sweatshirt - thrifted, White pencil skirt - Jet, Coral courts - PEP, Clutch - thrifted

What do you guys think? Thank you for reading!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Take Me to New York City Pepsi Zambia!

Hello  lovelies!

It's a new month and I am super excited about the next few weeks. My big news is that I just entered a major competition to win a fully paid for trip to New York city to see Beyoncé!

Girls Love Beyoncé
I'm so excited because I have always wanted to see Beyoncé perform and  I always complained that the chances of her coming to Zambia in the next few years are next to zero. I am a huge fan of Beyonce, both her music, her style, her hard work and her grace ( I could go on)I also love concerts and I've watched lots of Beyonce's live performances online and she is an AMAZING performer!

New York City
They say if you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere. New York City, the big apple! What's not to love about it? I'm so glad the organizers of  the competition picked New York City eeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!

Pepsi Zambia are the awesome people behind this competition. I love the concept of the competition as it ticks all the boxes. It's simple, interactive, fun and visual! You simply take a picture of yourself drinking a pepsi and post it on the Pepsi Zambia Facebook page or tweet your picture and tag @PepsiZambia

So I found out about this awesome competition a few weeks ago and I wanted to post a picture that really put everything together. I coordinated my outfit to match the Pepsi colors which are red, blue and white. I wore red heels, a white T-shirt and blue pants. I looked everywhere for an I love New York T-shirt but could not find any. I almost gave up but then I found this New York City T-shirt in Mr. Price in the men's section. I bought it without a wink.

I wanted to have a Pepsi background so I went to Mtendere for the shoot. If you've been to Mtendere you know it's a bit of a gheto and it's always busy! We got there early but people were already up and about. I chose it because they have so many little stores that have painted their shops with the Pepsi logo. We attracted a bit of attention so we just took a quick few shots and left.

Help Me Win!
You can help me get to New York by liking, commenting and sharing my picture on Facebook here. Be sure to like Pepsi Zambia Facebook I would really appreciate it and if I get to go I promise a New York series blog with a vote of thanks to everyone who will like my picture:) I'm so sure I can win that I've already started planning outfits, checking the New York weather and plaing all my Beyonce songs:)

Thank you for reading!