Monday, 16 April 2012

Big Girls You Are Beautiful!

I am a firm believer in the fact that a woman who is confident with her body and carries herself with pride and takes care of her appearance, is beautiful. In today’s world where beauty is defined by all the wrong people, it is easy to lose this fundamental truth.

I hate the concept that skinny is synonymous with beauty. I love curves, as an African woman it is hard to escape them anyway because most African women are blessed with curves naturally. Do not get me wrong, I am not dealing double standards and saying skinny women are not beautiful because they are. What I do not support is trying to push everybody to be skinny and saying that qualifies you as beautiful.

 It is sad to see women not eating properly, starving themselves and being depressed about their body weight because every magazine cover, every Hollywood movie, every music video has some skinny girl in amazing clothes looking like a goddess. Trying to live up to that standard is almost impossible because most times, the very girls we admire don’t even look like that in real life. What, with picture editing tools like photoshop and video effects, some of these images are so polished to the point that they become ridiculously perfect.

"Beauty is a concept that is hard to define because what can be defined as beautiful is constantly changing and is different to different people."

My point is that you should never allow anyone to define your beauty. Every woman is beautiful whether skinny, curvy, dark skinned, pale e.t.c. It really does not matter. You must believe in yourself because there a lot of gorgeous women who do not believe they are beautiful just because someone told them so.

“Don’t wait to be validated, give yourself a break, after all, we all have imperfections and those imperfections are what make us unique and different from others.”

This post is really dedicated to the big girls because they get it hardest. As long as you are healthy and comfortable with your size, do not change yourself to fit other people’s idea of perfection. Big are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Here are some of the fabulous curvy ladies whose style I love!

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Florals are such a big hit and I have to admit that I fell in love with them months ago. Last year I got a pair of floral pants which had been on the sale rack for ages because everybody thought they were ugly but I loved them! I was not too sure about wearing them though because after my purchase I overheard a girl in the store telling her friend how ugly they were and how she would kill her friend if she ever caught her wearing something so hideous. Needless to say that kind of busted my bubble and I put them away for months, making a promise to myself that one day I would have the courage to wear them.

You can imagine my delight when floral pants became such a hit this year, I did not have to run around searching for them because I already had a great pair in my closet. A lot of bloggers have been wearing the floral pants lately and I have to give it to my girl Kani S whose style I am a big fan of for giving me great advice on how to rock floral pants. Thought it would be great to share what she said:
"I always choose a uni-coloured top/shirt/blouse to let the beauty of the floral pants shine out! You can never go wrong if you choose a top in the colour that dominates on your pants, for example: My pants have electric blue, orange and white dominating, so I would wear tops in one of those three colours. I would never mix such pants with some other prints (leo, stripes or dots,) because that's not really pretty to me and I would feel like a clown!"

So there you have it on how to rock floral pants. I have seen florals worn with other florals or other prints though and have loved it but it is quiet hard to pull off so I would rather stick to block colours! Here are some great looks I have seen so far with mine at the end:)

Kani S sure knows how to rock florals!

 Another winner from Kani S, donno which one I prefer!

 Tricia looks so cute in these colours, love the pop of red from the shoes.

Love this! The H&M pants are pretty popular and Nifesimi knows how to turn it up!

Loved the simplicity of this look and I actually got the inspiration for my outfit from her. Forgot to get a link though!


 Decided to keep it simple and go with a black vest and black blazer but did not want to be too boring so added a touch of brown with my shoes.
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