Monday, 19 March 2012

A Peek Into My Photography Work

My weekend started off on a rainy and depressing note. I had plans to go dancing on Saturday but my housemate had such a bad day so we decided to stay in and I was bored to bits because I just wanted to do something exciting for a change.

Anyway, I got to spend the next day with my best bud and I escorted her shopping, mighty proud of myself because I did not buy one single thing even though we found several shops were having sales. I love new things but I hate being broke and I have to save up a little now because my rent is due next month so it's gonna be a little tight. I guess I just have to be creative so I don't get bored with my wardrobe and so I don't bore you Here is a look I put together last week with my new favourite sequin jacket:

I believe that one of the most classic looks you can pull off without breaking a sweat is a white tee-shirt/vest and jeans. Throw on a good pair of heels and a funky jacket and you can never go wrong.  

In other news, I'm in the office all day today and it’s so saaaad, I’m not an office kinda girl, I get easily bored and need some freedom, a kind of free spirit if you like. That's why I love that photography is a big part of what I do. Unfortunately I do not own a tripod hence my not so professional self images. I can't divide myself in two and take my own shots but trust me, I wish I could!

Today I want to show you some of my own photography. One of my favourite subjects is food ( I usually get to eat it when I take the pictures which is a plus) I just love how colourful food is and the different ways that people present it to make a simple combination look exciting. My dad always told me colourful food usually tastes good and I believe him! A lot of our clients where I work are restaurants so I have many opportunities to photograph food. I hope you like it!

Blue Nile Inn Makeni Restaurant

Protea  Hotel Arcades Restaurant

 LIV Restaurant

 Chang Thai Restaurant

Yummy right? Wishing you all a lovely week ahead! Thank you for reading xoxo

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

On Trend: The Maxi Skirt

I have been in love with the maxi look for a long while now but could never find a maxi skirt that felt right on me so you can imagine how delirious I got when I stumbled upon the perfect maxi skirt a few days ago while thrift/vintage shopping! I got pretty lucky and found some cute leopard print peep-toe pumps too which has also been on my wish list for a long time. In my mind the outfit was already made!

I am the sort of person who does not wait to wear new clothes because I believe tomorrow is a gift, not a promise. I don't keep clothes for special occasions unless it is a really SPECIAL one and it's coming soon because I don't want to buy something and die before I wear it! It's pretty silly but I live by that rule.

Apart from that I have been giving away a lot of stuff that I don't wear anymore because I really want to un-clutter my life. I am such a hoarder and always tell myself that I might need an item of clothing later even when I have not worn it for months. I am trying to change! I do not want clothes to be so important in my life. I feel good about shopping for clothes and looking good but I don't want it to be more important than love, friendship and family.

I do not have the prettiest toes so don't look too hard! lol. Thank you for reading!!!

Friday, 9 March 2012


Well hello there!
 Guess who is keeping her end of the bargain and blogging again? ME!!!! On Wednesday I received a last minute request to cover a wine tasting event at Shaka's Grill and was grumbling all the way there because I had to go straight after work and could not freshen up (I touched up on my makeup in a moving car

I ended up bumping into a good friend at the event and everything turned around! She was there with her boyfriend but I sort of kidnapped her for the rest of the evening. We had such a laugh and a little bit too much wine on my end! We even bumped into local celebrity musician Exile and he was so sweet and took pictures with anyone who asked. What a night!

                                  A toast to a wonderful night

                                     Kisses to all you fabulous readers!

                  With local celebrity Exile!!!

                         My full outfit (taken at Nomad's Court)

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Shorts and Bows

Firstly I want to say thank you to everyone who has followed my blog so far, it's such an honour to know you would be interested in keeping up with my At some point I will be a lot more serious about this blog, I usually push it aside for work and other things but I want to share more with you in days to come, pinkie swear!

Lately, I have started being a little bit adventurous with my style, nothing too out there but I was pretty impressed with an outfit I came up with over the weekend. A few days ago I bought the prettiest skirt and it had a huge bow on the side that didn't seem quite right so I cut it off. I thought I would sew it  back onto the back of the skirt or something but in the end I decided I might as well use it as a bow on my shirts. This is the first look I styled it with and I was pretty impressed with the outcome! I have seen a few celebrities pull this look off and I loved that it worked for me too! Well, what do you think?

I bet you noticed the stitch in my tights by now! Guilty as charged :) I love these tights because they fit so perfectly so I was distraught when they got a huge rip while I was getting off a bus on my way to church. You might think at this stage I have gotten used to holes in my tights but I could not bring myself to throw this pair out so I sewed it back

Like I said, several celebrities have worked this look before and I absolutely loved how my girl Bonang Matheba (who I featured in a previous post) looked on the cover of True Love Magazine. PERRR-FECT!!

I was going to feature other celebrities who have worn the bow look but then I stumbled upon Funmi Ogunja's post on the trend and decided not to. You can visit her blog here to see some great looks!

PS: Today my boyfriend and I are celebrating TWO years together! Will do a special post about it later so keep your eyes locked on here!!!