Friday 9 March 2012


Well hello there!
 Guess who is keeping her end of the bargain and blogging again? ME!!!! On Wednesday I received a last minute request to cover a wine tasting event at Shaka's Grill and was grumbling all the way there because I had to go straight after work and could not freshen up (I touched up on my makeup in a moving car

I ended up bumping into a good friend at the event and everything turned around! She was there with her boyfriend but I sort of kidnapped her for the rest of the evening. We had such a laugh and a little bit too much wine on my end! We even bumped into local celebrity musician Exile and he was so sweet and took pictures with anyone who asked. What a night!

                                  A toast to a wonderful night

                                     Kisses to all you fabulous readers!

                  With local celebrity Exile!!!

                         My full outfit (taken at Nomad's Court)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Looks like you had fun, I'd kill to attend a wine tasting event haha really need a break and to have fun

  2. I like your boots!!!! You and your friend look lovely!!

  3. Thanks Emma, I love how supportive you always are, I need to vist your blog in my free time today, I miss it!!!
    Thanks Daine, so happy to have you on here!!

  4. Hey sweety,I am following your blog now maybe you can follow my blog too:).I really like your diary and this mintcolored jacket I LOVEEEEE!!! it is such an IT color right now!!!looking beautifull girly xoxo