Monday 19 March 2012

A Peek Into My Photography Work

My weekend started off on a rainy and depressing note. I had plans to go dancing on Saturday but my housemate had such a bad day so we decided to stay in and I was bored to bits because I just wanted to do something exciting for a change.

Anyway, I got to spend the next day with my best bud and I escorted her shopping, mighty proud of myself because I did not buy one single thing even though we found several shops were having sales. I love new things but I hate being broke and I have to save up a little now because my rent is due next month so it's gonna be a little tight. I guess I just have to be creative so I don't get bored with my wardrobe and so I don't bore you Here is a look I put together last week with my new favourite sequin jacket:

I believe that one of the most classic looks you can pull off without breaking a sweat is a white tee-shirt/vest and jeans. Throw on a good pair of heels and a funky jacket and you can never go wrong.  

In other news, I'm in the office all day today and it’s so saaaad, I’m not an office kinda girl, I get easily bored and need some freedom, a kind of free spirit if you like. That's why I love that photography is a big part of what I do. Unfortunately I do not own a tripod hence my not so professional self images. I can't divide myself in two and take my own shots but trust me, I wish I could!

Today I want to show you some of my own photography. One of my favourite subjects is food ( I usually get to eat it when I take the pictures which is a plus) I just love how colourful food is and the different ways that people present it to make a simple combination look exciting. My dad always told me colourful food usually tastes good and I believe him! A lot of our clients where I work are restaurants so I have many opportunities to photograph food. I hope you like it!

Blue Nile Inn Makeni Restaurant

Protea  Hotel Arcades Restaurant

 LIV Restaurant

 Chang Thai Restaurant

Yummy right? Wishing you all a lovely week ahead! Thank you for reading xoxo


  1. OMG it looks so yummy!! :O Love the cocktails pic also, so colorful and it might taste delicious also!
    And I totally agree with you, you can never go wrong with a basic tee and some jeans, I like your outfit, it's casual and comfy!!
    I hope you'll get to have fun like you want!!!

    1. lol, it's hard to keep a trim figure with all this food around me Dianne! The cocktails are delicious too:) I hope to have fun sometime, life is so busy I just want to sleep in on weekends, hope you are having better luck!

  2. Wow. So pretty and yummy looking! You look good. I like the sequined jacket you wore! :) can't go wrong with a white tee and jeans! :)