Monday, 27 February 2012

Celebrity Crush: Bonang Matheba

I recently discovered Bonang Matheba after reading her inspiring interview in CLEO magazine and I have to admit I have become a bit of a stalker since then! She is a South African presenter for a TV show called Live and a radio show on Y FM and is one hell of a fashionista. What I loved most was stumbling upon her reality show B*Dazzled which is fun and not too serious.

She is one loud mama but love her or hate her, her style is unfailable! Here are some gorgeous pics from this South African Diva:)

How GORGEOUS is she?!! I was shocked to discover she is only 24 as she looks alot older and has acheived so much already but I will certainly be keeping an eye on her! Make sure you check out her reality hit show B*Dazzled!


  1. woow she's really gorgeous and I love her style as well

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  3. Emma, you should watch an episode of her reality show B*Dazzled, she is such a riot! You will love her:)

    Thank you Chris, I will drop by some time!