Monday 5 November 2012

MandaHill Night of Fashion

Is it too late to say happy November? I hope not!

I love new months as it is always a chance to start afresh and so far I can say November has been fabulous. This past weekend I was running from one fashion show to another as it was the Zambian Fashion Week and I must say I felt every bit the fashionista with all the glam around

My first event was The Mandahill Night of Fashion on Friday. I happened to see it posted on facebook and they had only a few tickets to give out if you called, I took a chance and called and got a ticket and convinced most of my friends to call too. One of my bestfriend's Eta got a ticket too and I wouldn't have spent such a night with anyone better:)

We were given the top notch VIP treatment with free food and free wine and entertainment by one of the best violinists in the country, Caitlin. I've wanted to watch her shows for years so this was a real treat! She is so talented and such a lovely person!


 I wore a scarf print bodycon dress I got in a sale in Mr. Price, I love bodycon dresses as they give my body such a nice shape (apart from the tummy and I am with the whole print revolution at the moment!

Unfortunately I left my cannon behind and had to use my iPhone so the pictures are not that great but hope you have fun flicking through:)

By the way I didn't get a chance to tell you but I went short with my hair and I absolutely love how bold and sexy it makes me feel. It's also perfect as it's summer here and super hot. What do you think?


  1. You're really lucky to attend those events with your friends :) I've never seen you looking so sexy haha but you actually looked great, feminine and sexy without overdoing it and I must also say that this short haircut suits you pretty well!

    1. Yes, I really am lucky to have my friends at such events as it makes them more exciting! Thank you for your compliment I was so scared to go short but it has really been a great experience!

  2. I looooove this dress, it is beautiful!!! I've loved every hairstyle you've done so far, it seems like everything suits you so well :)
    Love the pictures btw

    1. Thanks Diane,I fell in love with the dress too the minute I saw it! I'm trying to play around with my hair more often now so far it's been fun:)