Tuesday 13 November 2012

Zambian Fashion Week ~ Part 1

Is it just me or has this year just woozed by in a flash?  The days just seem to be flying past at an incredible pace and it actually makes me a little uncomfortable because I don't want time to pass me by without having a chance to really enjoy it.

Two weeks ago I attended the Zambian Fashion Week and I promise I meant to share the pictures earlier than this but like I said time has not been waiting around for anybody lately, not even me! I took over 400 pictures and it was such a pain to try and decide what to show you because obviously I don't want to upload 400 pictures, so in the end I settled  for about 20 or 30 pictures which I will share in two parts.

There is some amazing talent in Zambia and some of the outfits literally made gasp out loud! I love how African fabric is being represented in a modern way, I'm proudly African but I always dreaded having to wear a chitenge outfit as I felt it was not flattering to me and made me feel so grown up but now the fabric is being played with and the results are incredible.

 Enough talking! Enjoy the pictures!

NOTE: Kindly credit all pictures to Joan Kats should you wish to use them.



  1. True! This year is almost over, but I'm glad I was able to see each day. I like the print and colors of the fabric! :)

  2. The colors and prints are very beautiful!
    I agree with you, this year went by very quickly!