Monday 21 January 2013

Musings of an Inconsistent Blogger

Let me start by saying I don't deserve your attention at all. I could say a thousand apologies  for being such a terrible blogger but I'd rather show you by a bunch of pictures that I hope will make up for my long hiatus.

Thank you to my lovely new followers, I promise to visit your blogs soon and it is the greatest flattery to know that you would be interested in reading my unimportant rumblings. I hope the New Year is treating you well and that you have not yet given up on all those resolutions you so passionately made. Hope you enjoy my little summary of my 2012!

Last year going short with my hair was one of the best things I tried. I felt like the third world version of Halle Below are two looks I especially loved in my short hair.

The first look was centred on my oversized orange blazer which I got in Mr. Price. I have a thing for orange blazers apparently as I now have three in my closet!

 My second favourite look in short hair was this mint blouse I styled over white skinnies. I threw over a red sling bag which I thought was extra cute:) plus a pair of floral wedges I got in a sale in Mr. Price (I love Mr. Price!)

 I don't think I'm the only one who was drooling last year over Beyonce's bun and fringe! It's so stylish and sweet! I have to admit my attempt to pull it off was a little bit off the mark but non the less I still liked it. Wearing a flowery shirt dress I got while thrifting. I'm not really this kind of dress girl but I think I still looked decent.

And to sum up my 2012 misadventures I must say I partied quite a bit! One of the highlight parties last year was the R&G underground themed party. I went with my two housemates at the time who have since moved out so it's quiet a good memory and I bumped into my lovely friend Mkhudzo. I wore aztec printed leggings, one of my favourite prints at the moment. I absolutely love printed pants!


Notice how the little red bag featured in almost all my outfits?! lol. Thank you for reading!


  1. You rock that short hair so well, I love it on you!
    Love the first outfit, the dress and also the leggings in the last outfit!
    Glad you're back <3

  2. The outfit with the mint blouse is giving me life. Gona do an inspired look. You know am excited about spring cant wait to explore different colours esp pastel colours