Wednesday 6 February 2013

February Bliss

Happy February! February is a big deal to me because it's my birth month so yeah, I'm biased when I say February is the best month of the year!

I spent my birthday at my best friend's dad memorial. To be honest, at first I was so depressed when I heard the memorial would be on my birthday! I had spent last year at the funeral and although this occasion was very important to me I guess the natural person in me wanted to be out partying or something this time around especially that it was on a Saturday.

However on the actual day I was so glad I went. The service was encouraging and I felt so touched to see how the family all came together to remember someone so special who had added something priceless to their lives. And most importantly I remembered that death is something we will all face, and we must reflect on whether how we are living our lives each day is going to be enough for us to say “I did not live in vain." at the end of it all.

I am so thankful to all who made my day special despite the circumstances. Here are a few pictures to sum up my weekend but I hope to do a proper birthday post as we will celebrate later!

Was so chuft when the special person in my life travelled miles in order to be there during my birthday week and though we didn't spend the actual day together, this meant a lot to me. Being in a long distance relationship is really challenging but we are both trying to make it work

So I finally got the weave out and for once decided to be with my own hair. As you can see my hair needs a retouch lol but anyway I had fun putting it up in a bun as being weaved and braided so often seems to have given it some length. I have nothing against those who go natural but I just really find it easier to be in a weave or braid my hair and I like being able to look different according to what hairstyle I chose to do! So whether it real or weave I got no issues, so long as you feel lovely!

Who doesn't love to be spoilt on their special day? I certainly do! These were some of my favourite gifts. My best friend got me this gorgeous knotted neon chain necklace I've been wanting for ages, this really touched me as even though she was grieving she still took time out to get me a thoughtful gift. A few days before my birthday I came home to a gold box from my boyfriend. He got me Pacco Robanne's Lady Million which is a scent I have been obsessing about on my trips to the mall fooling around with all those my sister got me a leopard print shirt which I love as this is most definitely one of my favourite prints.
Thank you for reading xoxo

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  1. Aw you and your bf look cute :)
    Happy belated birthday!
    I love the necklace, nice gifts you got there!