Monday 11 February 2013

That Girl Got Afro-Funk : Featuring Tsepo Musuwa

One of the most important lessons that my father ever taught me was never to disdain those who were more successful than I was at something but rather to be inspired by them and to learn from their success. This has been such a fundamental principle in my life and because of this I have been able to better myself in many ways!

I am inspired everyday by talented people from all walks of life that are making a mark, be it little or great. This philosophy has come in handy even when it comes to my love for fashion; there are so many people who have turned fashion into an inspiring art.

Because of this I decided to do a little style crush section that I'm going to call "That Girl Got Afro-Funk" and this will feature fashionistas that I come across everyday whose style I love.

I joined instagram a few months ago and I'll be honest, one thing I love about it is I can spy on so many fashionistas and see how they put their looks together! I have quite a few favourites on instagram but some really stand out!

The first girl I'm featuring is Tsepo Musuwa. She a Zambian girl living in UK and is super sweet. Her sense of fashion is insane and I stalk her instagram a lot! Unfortunately she does not have a blog or tumbler but I hope she gets one soon! Follow her on instagram @tsepo


Isn’t she GORGEOUS?!! I can’t even decide which outfit I love the most! You can follow Tsepo on twitter too.  Check out my personal instagram @ghetogal if you haven’t already!


  1. I totally agree with what your father told you, it's so true!
    She has a nice style, I like the outfits!
    Following you on Instagram btw :) (deevineanonyme)

  2. I am humbled and cant stop smiling, thanx boo. U inspire me too and am glad I came across your blogspot and instagram. Keep up with the posts cos i love reading what you post