Friday 29 July 2016


 "The WILL of God will never take you where the GRACE of God can not keep you."

Sometimes we realise that we have been stumbling through life trying to do our best, trying to be strong and just get on with it and then all of the sudden it becomes exhausting and we ask ourselves how we got here to this point and if we will ever get out of it. The meltdown.

It's easy to forget how far we have come and what we have overcome so far when we are faced with new problems and I believe these are the times we need reminders like this. That God will never put you in a situation He knows you can't handle. He has a perfect plan for you and everything will work out in the end.

I am thankful that my faith in God keeps me going and I have a supportive family and friends for days when I can't get through the fog alone. So yes, sometimes I break down. But I get up every time, more determined to make it through.

If you're going through a tough period in your life where you question if you are good enough, smart enough or strong enough to handle it, take heart! You are and you will make it through.

Thank you for reading!

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