Thursday 28 May 2015


I'm settling. Sounds like a negative thing right? But sometimes settling is the best thing that can happen. What I mean is that I feel I'm at a stage in life where I know what I want and I feel a little more clearer on the direction that I want my future to take.

I'm not saying I have figured it all out. But I have enough confidence in my choices now. Whether it's in my work, my life and my relationships.

I haven't felt any pressure to blog because lately I'm more concerned about having an actual life than just blogging about it. I have however made a pact with my friend to post a  blog every month at the very least and I feel I owe it to the people who patiently follow this blog.

In case you were wondering about the picture above (swag) it's just one of the many pictures we took at our office labor day celebrations earlier this month. Our fantastic PR team made the event fun and we spent the day paint-balling and go-carting and of course eating (nom, nom, nom)! And guess what? I got an award for being the Most Improved, for settling in well and working without much supervision. It was a pleasant surprise.

Thank you for reading!

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