Tuesday 31 January 2012

Life Is All About Ups & Downs

I know, I know! Not been the best blogger of the year so far and already going back on my last promise to keep up to date but so much has been going on that I have not had a minute to share anything! I have had very sad news this week but I will share this with you at a later time.

So off with all the sadness! Last week was busy but had a good ending. Me and two of my workmates were invited to the Nando's official opening at a brand new mall in Makeni. We were pleasantly surprised to find that everything on the menu was absolutely FREE!! So you can imagine how we were spoiled for choice. I ordered the biggest meal I could find on the menu and topped it up with a delicious lemon and cheesecake desert...heaven:) The Nando's chicken never disappointing, all their food is so delicious and the staff is extremely friendly which makes for a great meal out. I would certainly recommend Nando's to anybody. here are a few pics of our great time there!

It was such a treat! I wore a sequin jacket and a black jumpsuit because for us it was work and we had to look presentable. I am totally in love with sequins at the moment and felt pretty amazing in this outfit.


  1. I love what you were wearing the top is really pretty, so are you!!
    Sorry to hear something bad happened to you...

  2. Thanks Emma!! It was the funeral of a loved one but we are all trying to move on.