Wednesday 2 July 2014

The Fashion Edit ~ Miroslava Duma

I've always found it ironic that most people behind the fashion scene are usually not that fashionable themselves. Think about it for a second, don't you know some amazing designer or stylist that is always in a pair of faded jeans and a sweat half the time?

Lately I've found myself drawn to fashion magazine editors. Although these fashion influences are usually behind the scenes and we normally don't know who they really are, there's been a tremendous shift in how we view fashion editors (or maybe it's just me, always late to the party)

Fashion editors around the world are slowly emerging as fashionistas in their own right and they are definitely putting their most fashionable feet forward.

For the month of July I will be sharing some of my favourite fashion looks from magazine editors across the world who I love to watch. The series will be called Fashion Edit and will also be part of my July challenge for #IamAzedBlogger. Enjoy!

If you want to visit fashion heaven then Mira Duma is your ticket there. This petite Moscow based fashionista is a force to be reckoned with and never steps out without making a fashion statement.

Russian born Miroslava Duma was an editor for Harper's Bazaar (Russia) and now is a freelance writer for numerous publications, a fashion consultant and founder of the popular website

My favorite thing about Mira is that her style is so fun and relate-able. She manages to make high end clothing look like something you can get at your local store and rock too. Very girl next door yet super stylish!

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