Tuesday 19 June 2012

Eeeek! Same Outfit! When Friends Dress Alike

Opening up a can of worms today and talking about something that a lot of us girls go through, having the same clothes as your close friends..lol!

I am fortunate enough to have some really close girlfriends, some are literally family! I stayed with one of my best friends throughout university and she is someone who has always loved fashion and to be honest she inspired me to come out of my safety zone and try different things when it comes to fashion.

We shop together a lot and because we watch the same shows, read the same magazines and talk about latest trends together, we have inevitably developed the same kind of style. We usually love the same things and even consult each other on outfits. This is all very great and I love all the girl input but the problem is most times we end up buying the exact same outfit! Eeeeekkk!

We are both culprits when it comes to this, sometimes we both love an outfit and only one colour looks good so we both get it, or one of us buys something at a bargain and tells the other and again we both end up having it. And the weirdest thing is sometimes we plan to meet up and then show up in the exact same outfit! It has happened so many times it’s weird!

I love shopping with my best friend and I trust her fashion advice so this is not something that's going away any time soon. lol. The problem is people think we plan to copy each other or even share clothes. I know a lot of girls know what I'm talking about right?

I think the solution really is to try and put your own personality on an outfit if you both end up having the same item. The way you accessorise an outfit can change it completely. Also if it’s a big event that you are both showing up to just make an effort to check with your friend and discuss what you are wearing; you can decide who gets to wear that sexy leather dress you both own!

There is nothing wrong about being inspired by a friend or a celebrity when it comes to style as long as you try to add your own individuality to an outfit. I found it so funny to find that Kim Kardashian and Ciara have the same problem! People were accusing them of sharing clothes because they had a lot of similar outfits; I think the problem was that they wore them the exact same way. Being celebrities the pressure must be worse for them but I love the way Kim just laughed it off in her blog.

Here are some pictures of Ciara and Kim Kardashian to show you what I mean!


Also I thought a good example of what I mean by personalising an item would be from one of my favourite blogs, The Fashionista Next Door. She has a section called “Style me Friday” that allows readers to send her a picture of an outfit they would like her to recreate and she copies the look and recreates it with her own items.

I love that she usually adds her own personality to it, a scarf here, a statement neckpiece, a belt or different coloured tights. She is inspired by the pictures sent to her but she always adds a little touch of her own which turns the look into personal style. Here are a few pictures to show what I mean!

I guess you understand what I mean now right? Leaving you all with a picture of me in my recently aquired mustard blazer. I went to buy groceries but found a huge one day 50% off sale in Fashion Express and I came home with the blazer and a pair of ankle boots instead! Totally worth starving for!


  1. I really love this post. I also love your yellow mustard blazer. So cute!


    1. Thanks Kay, glad you enjoyed it and hope the tips were helpful:) Going to visit your blog nowm thanks for the link!

  2. Well, liking the same thing is not a problem especially when you said that you both would turn up somewhere independently but yet still have the same outfit on. That alone says that you both genuinely are alike when it comes to fashion. At least the problem is not down to her copying everything you wear!

    If it was something that seriously bothered you, you could always try buying from the shops that only sell one-off outfits, they don't make 2 of the same kind. That way your style would always be unique, though at a cost.

    It's best not to worry about what other people may say or think (as hard as it can be) because you can end up trying to please everyone else and not yourself. Don't get into that trap, just continue being yourself and wearing what you want.

    1. Thank you for reading Rum-Punch drunk..lol..of course I understand that liking the same thing is not a problem, we always like each others outfits and get ideas from each other. She is definately not copying me,we genuinely like the same stuff:)

      Thanks for the great advice though I have not come across any such shops in Zambia. And I do try not to worry about what people say but it's human nature, sometimes even the best of us can't ignore it.