Thursday 4 April 2013

In This Life, Your Heart Will Break

 Peplum Dress: Fashion Express
Pink Bow Belt: Glamourous Fashions
Blue Kitten heels: Mr. Price

Because I’m wearing blue, thought I would do a bit of a blue post. This is an insert from my diary a few months ago:

Here is the truth, in this life your heart will break, maybe once, sometimes twice and if you're unlucky you might even get a third. But that doesn't matter, yes, you will feel like dying each and every time but you won't.

You will get better, you will move on, you just have to get up and decide not to let any sorry bastard write your ending. Because much as you don't have control over who hurts you, you have all the power not to hurt yourself, and you get to decide how your story ends.

Thank you for reading xoxo

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