Thursday 11 July 2013

The Turban Child Is Born

Outfit details: Oversized blazer -Thrifted
Houndstooth Leggings - JET
Statement Necklace - Mr. Price

I do apologise for my blogging hiatus! I hope this post endears me into your hearts again. I've been a little discourage to blog because I can't seem to get my comments working, I feel it's not fair if I visit your blogs and can't comment. I'm working on getting that sorted.

This post is really just to show you that I finally managed to get onto the turban bandwagon! Turbans are a fashionable way to hide a bad hair day with little effort and it's a plus because in our African culture a head tie is nothing new to us!

Featured below are some of my favorite turban looks mostly from some fashionable ladies I follow on instagram. I didn't get round to linking the pictures to their individual owners as I wanted this post up as soon as possible!

Have a wonderful week and thanks for reading!

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