Thursday 1 August 2013

Fashion Fix: Estelle Mantele & Kutowa Designs

The past couple of weeks have been fashionable highs. I had the pleasure of attending two fashion shows and found myself having a chance to improve my night photography which used to really suck!

Estelle Mante’s Flamme Launch
The first show I attended was two weeks ago. One of the designers, Esther, is a girl I first met when I was just starting out on a new job, attending events and learning photography. Her label is Estelle Mantel which she started with her sister who I believe is Victoria. They were launching a line called “Flamme” an Afrocentric clothing line with chitenge prints and modern cloth like chiffon. They show cased very few pieces and I got a feeling they had rushed to put the collection out. I liked a few of the dresses but was not blown away by the men’s range because I felt it was nothing different.  A friend of mine and fellow blogger Leelee did a good job at reviewing this show so go on over to her blog and have a peek!

A few pieces from “Flame”

Fashion & Friends
 The event brought together some fashionable peeps ( My best friend - in houndstooth- included hahaha)
 I wore a printed jacket I had actually thrifted a year ago when I first fell in love with modern chitenge prints and a teal dress I also got a year ago from Jet (you’d be surprised) I’m making it a point to wear pieces from my closet that have seen neglect!
Me and the girls behind "Estele Mantel"

Yatatu collection by Kutowa Designs
Last weekend I attended the "Yatatu" launch by Kutowa Designs who have been in the fashion business for a while now. I first saw their pieces last year at the Zambian fashion week and loved their bright, interesting pieces. "Yatatu" means three and the collection was a mix of white, black and chitenge with a mix of white and black. This collection was being launched.  I loved the concept of this collection from the word go and I was not disappointed. I want everything from the Yatatu line!

 The clothes were fashionable yet so wearable at the same time, from casual to office, I could relate to every outfit. I thought this was perfect timing for this line as monochrome is currently doing really well on the world fashion stage. 

A few pieces from Yatatu

A few pieces from Bubu 4 U and other lines
 Other collections were also featured and I have to say they did not disappoint either, here are a few pieces I loved.

Fashion & Friends
 As with any great event the best part is meeting up with friends. I finally got to meet the lovely Lian who is a makeup artist, stylist, blogger and natural hair diva all rolled in one. I also got to meet Linda who is a fellow blogger and fashion lover. All these people I only knew virtually thanks to twitter but meeting them in person was great even though it was brief. Others were Mazuba who I would take all day to describe because she is a one woman powerhouse who’s doing just about everything! Check out her blog! And the fabulous Lulu who is MC extraordinaire and TV presenter. And special thanks to my friend Alice who was one of the organizers and got me a free pass:)


Linda, Mazuba and I somehow ended up int the same colors! We didn't plan it. I wore a RiverIsalnd Dress and  black sequin jacket.

Thank you for reading!

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