Tuesday 22 November 2011

Colour Blocking Baybeh!!

Woke up feeling inspired to do some colour blocking. I wish I had taken these shots in the morning when I was all perky because I had a long day with a three hour photo shoot of children and I feel and look dead now! The children were adorable for the most part, I found a group of teenagers in the middle of a drama class and one of them pointed out to me and said "I'm tired of my slutty stepmother!" while reciting his lines, which sent everybody laughing. I calmly informed him that his slutty step mother would not be as hot as me. I hope you agree!

I mixed my yellow top with a blue skirt I got for less than a dollar last week. (We don't use dollars as our currency in Zambia but it always sounds very funny when I change the cost to dollars.) Green bangles and a pink purse completed my colour blocking for the day.


  1. Blue and yellow looks really good on you, loving the top :D

  2. Thank you Emma! Yellow and blue are some of my favourite colours but I am afraid to wear too bright colours cause of my dark skin tone. I used to only wear black but I'm more adventuruous now.

  3. looks good... like that skirt :)