Tuesday 15 November 2011

You have to start somewhere, even if you were born to be a star

Hello lovlies (always wanted to say that.lol.)

Starting this blog has been on my mind for a long while now and I think now is as good a time as any. I hope to share part of my everyday life with you all as much as I can but nothing too personal.

Alot has happened to me so far, I graduated this year, moved out of home to live on my own far from my family and started a new job. It has been lots of changes but with a good support team to see me settle. The most exciting part about my job has been learning photography which was a bit of a scare at first but has grown to be one of my loves, I hope to share some of it with you on here. I have also developed a love for fashion and will post a few of my outfits every now and then. I do not have anyone proffessional to take my pictures so I hope you won't mind if they get shabby as I just grab anyone on hand to do it for me.

Here are a few pictures of me in my new military style formal dress that I got in a sale rcently. I had a photography session for a client who owns a beautiful lodge today and could not help posing for a few pictures:)

I brought my new snake print bag along on this adventure! I got it while thrifting and absolutely love it!


  1. Hey congrats on starting a blog- its a lot of fun! I don't have anyone to take my pics either, I just use the self timer most of the time! The dress is lovely, and I love the bag- what a great find! xxx

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  2. Hi dear, first of all welcome!! It's always a pleasure for me to meet new people sharing the same hobbies and passions with me! Congrats on starting this blog because it demands courage!! I hope you'll enjoy this world as much as many other bloggers like me do and oh I saw you're following my blog thank you :)
    You should add the follow button to your blog so that people can easily follow you!
    Btw your dress is nice, it's a great find indeed! Your job looks interesting I can't wait to see you next posts :)

  3. oops forget what i said i was on my phone and I couldn't see that the follow button is actually on the right -_-'

  4. Did I mention, i loooooove your blog! You look great but wait who took the pictures?!

  5. Thank you all for the great welcome to blogsphere, I am a total rookie and will be knocking on your doors alot! Emma, are you on twitter? Would love to follow you on there too!
    @Rhi, great idea with the self timer! It's a bit of work though, I'd prefer to let others suffer..lol...
    @CheeQsteelo, my workmate took it for me. Thanks a ton!!

  6. Yes dear I'm also on twitter, I'd be happy to follow you too :) Here's the link