Monday 21 November 2011

Stripped with envy, wouldn't you be too?

Hello lovelies,

I had a busy weekend and no time to take pictures so I thought I would share a post on something I have been dying to own for months now. THE STRIPPED BLAZER/JACKET!!!

I fell in love with the stripped jacket when I saw it in the Rhianna music video for "what's my name." She looked so hot in it, she is such a little trendsetter! Now I have been seeing it more and more on other celebrities but can't seem to find it anywhere in any of my favourite stores. Shipping to Zambia would mean paying twice the price so I will keep my fingers crossed that this trend gets here soon. Here are some pictures of celebrities who rocked the stripped jacket and looked awesome!

Rhianna, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively all looked smashing in this trend! I definately can't wait to own one!!! What is your big envy for this month?


  1. I would like to own one too, I really like the Kelly one if I can get one I want this one!
    My wishlist for december is so loooong that I don't want to buy anything this month haha anyway I hope you're doing okay and have a good start of week!

  2. Oh My Word i love Kelly Rowlands! I want to own one too but i think stripped balck & white were in the summer collection. lets hope it comes back in next years summer collection then i can hunt for two during sales..hehehe.

  3. Definately love kelly's as well the most but I like the boldness of rhianna's as well. I have seen so many variations but its a winner!! Emma, i have an imposible wish list too!!
    @Cheeq, i don't know what the chances are of this look coming here but will be on the lookout as well!hehehehe