Monday 7 October 2013

The Evolution of Zambian Music: Cactus Agony Album launch

It's been a little while since I posted and usually I would be crawling back in shame but I've come to realise that it's more important to post when I feel I have something relevant to share rather than for the sake of just updating my post. I really do not want to bore you guys!

Over the past month my best friend has been unwell and I really have not been in the spirit to venture the world and do exciting things but thankfully she is on the road to recovery and I am trying to have more of a social life beyond sick visits and office work:)

Two weekends ago my workmate and good friend Kristina asked me to come along to an album launch of a singer I had been hearing about for so long but had never really bothered to pay attention to. I know this sounds unpatriotic but for a long time I was not really into Zambian music. It just didn't appeal to me and it all sounded the same. The lack of creative content left me uninspired and apart from a few songs, I didn't bother to collect Zambian music.

I am happy to say that is changing! Zambian music has really evolved over the last few years and the industry has grown to include people who understand that music is a craft and are putting creative content in their lyrics and working hard  on vocals and instruments. I find myself listening more and more to Zambian music not just because it's Zambian but because some of it is pretty darn good!
So when Kristina asked me to tag along to watch the album Launch of Cactus Agony who I had been hearing about I thought "what the heck, let's go!"

 The event was at Club Zed, a popular hangout in Lusaka. I had only been there once for business but I was surprised to find that the club had a back arena where a stage was set up with good lighting and sound system. The show started with some features of upcoming artists, I really enjoyed some of them and I am hoping someone can tell me where to get their music. Some of the artists lip synched which was annoying as I feel if people pay for a live concert they sure as hell do not want you to mime! (hear, hear!) but the majority of artists actually perfomed live which was great!

Supporting artists included Dalisoul, JK, Shyman, Leo Muntu and Slap D. I love that artists support each other but I must make a side note here, I find that  when you pay to see a particular artist there are so many other supporting artists that by the time the person you came to see comes on, it's hours later and you're already tired. I think artists should work on this. Have supporting artists but not too many. The show is about you, hold your own!

Finally Cactus Agony took on the stage and I don't think I could keep still from the time he sang his first song. His music is dancehall/raga type and the fact that he sang live and is a great perfomer made it that much more worthwhile! I loved every bit of it! My highlight was meeting him after the show and posing for some pics, he really is an all round nice guy.

 Would I buy his album? Definitely yes! I've already downloaded two of his tracks since the concert and hoping to get his album soon. I recommend that you keep an eye on this artist, you can tell he is going far!

Thank you for reading!

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